What is a Nameserver & how does it work?

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Put simply a nameserver is a server that directs different types of traffic to your domain in the right direction. Whether that be an email sent to your email address @ your-domain, or someone loading your homepage.

To fully understand what a nameserver is, firstly you need to understand how domains work – and how the link between each part works.

A domain is you customised identity on the web – usually ending in dot .com or – ours is

A domain points to a nameserver – which is an server which tells it what to do with certain types of traffic. The two main types are web browsing & emails. This system looks at all incoming traffic, decides what it is, and then forwards that traffic onto either our web hosting server, or our email server.

Think of him like a traffic conductor at the only entrance to your domain. Left for web browsing, right for emails.

That’s what the name server does – points traffic to the right server to receive the content being requested, whether that be emails or loading your home page.

Our nameserver IP address are:

Server Address
IP Address
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On September 9, 2014

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