Conditions of gambling in New Zealand

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New Zealand Gambling: What’s Behind?

Online business of betting and online casinos is regulated by the Department of the Interior. All income from the industry is in the public institutions of the country. New Zealanders are actively playing, both in real and online casinos. For instance, during the last year, the inhabitants spent more than $ 30 million in bets in the casino; it is more than 10 times greater than in the 1985.

Bookmaker business was banned in New Zealand since 1920, but in 1961 some large totes started to work legally. Lotteries have been started a long time ago, the first being held as an artistic society for the purpose of attracting attention to the art. In 1933, the first union of national lottery in the country was created.


Poker is extremely popular in New Zealand, which is not considered to be the game of chance in the country. Players from the best NZ online casinos are often found in well-known online poker rooms. Slot machines called Pokies, first appeared in the country in 1991, and they are mostly placed in hotels and bars. The citizens are constantly playing the slots and often frustrating huge jackpots, in connection with such popular slot machines.

Gambling on the Internet has not escaped the regulatory functions in New Zealand, and the government has issued the Gambling Act in 2003 to control the growth of this business in the country. The Act states that any remote interactive gaming in New Zealand (internet, TV, telephone, etc.) needs to work under the supervision of the TAB (for Sweepstakes Agency) or the Commission of New Zealand Lotteries. Both government organizations are used to raise funds and are not intended to make a profit.

At present, the country has been widely discussed in upcoming gambling reform. Attempts to get rid of it in the country will likely have a negative impact on a numerous charitable organizations, partly funded by the gambling industry profits.

As part of the changes, if they still occur, the amount of poker machines will be decreased twice in the country. Public authorities may even decide to get rid of all poker machines in their jurisdiction, and this has a direct impact on reducing the decent grants, or even their complete disappearance.

image01Poker rooms are under pressure from gambling regulators. Other forms, such as slots or roulette, do not cause as much interest from the authorities. This can be explained mostly by the fact that the popularity of poker in New Zealand cannot be compared with a popularity of other types of gambling. The state does not live only with poker. Very popular here is to enjoy online sports betting. Players can safely gamble on the Internet, as this is not prohibited by the state now.

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On June 24, 2016

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