Popularity of online casinos in New Zealand

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Gambling activities count various types of activities. Most popular ones in New Zealand are: TAB racing or sports betting, NZ lotteries, gaming machines and casino gambling which includes online gambling as well. These addictive activities can be quite costly. Majority of gamblers rely purely on luck making bets and hoping winning jackpots.


What are the exact numbers people are spending for fun? According to the reported gambling expenditure that came to our knowledge in 2016 New Zealander’s gamblers in 2015 spent $2091 million dollar for participation in mentioned above activities – 1.2 % larger amount than the previous year. Lottery products were less in demand than sports betting or casino activities and decreased 9.2% in comparison with the last year. Online gambling is also extremely popular as CasinosOnline.co.nz can make you a winner overnight. Among the preferred activities New Zealanders often have: lotto, horse or dog betting, Instant Kiwi, Telebingo.

Online gaming is almost the same activity as participation in table games in real life casino, only you don’t have to go anywhere and can enjoy gambling activity privately in your own home or any other place 24/7. Any device can be used and, moreover one can play for real money or enjoy free games. As a rule, every new gambler is offered a certain amount of free spins if he decides to sign up. Among most beloved online gambling activities are such classic games as: blackjack, video poker, roulette, slots etc.


Apart from great selection of popular games here are main features that making online gaming activity truly addictive and irreplaceable:

Great variety of deposit and withdrawal options;

Astonishing selection of games to choose from: several types of blackjack, keno, and roulette with poker, games with live dealer;

Attractive bonuses, special offers, promotions available not only for loyal players but for new ones as well;

Free games availability;

Convenience to play anywhere and anytime. Any device is an asset that can be used in winning money – just install the needed app;

Go global! It is possible finding worthy competitors not only in your country but facing best representatives from Asia, Europe, US, etc.;

Great way saving your money as, for sure, you don’t have a real life casino close to your house, so you end up spending money on you travel arrangements as: hotel, fuel, parking, etc.

Online betting and other versions of virtual gambling are so popular due to its availability and with each year the number of players is rising along with amounts of money spent.

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On December 16, 2016