Brady Dyer Photography Business Cards

September 12, 2012

After launching Brady Dyer Photography’s website a few years ago, Brady approached us wanting to get some business cards. He shared our philosophy that it wasn’t worth skimping on business cards, and was worth spending a few extra cents per card to get the wow factor.

We put this concept to Brady and he loved it! Brady has since told us that without fail, every single person he has given a business card to has commented on the card. When was the last time you gave your card to someone and they said “Wow what a cool card”? We’ve had so many people email us that Brady has referred just from seeing his business card that wanted something equally as unique.

There’s no denying once Brady’s card is in your hand you’ll never forget what he does in a hurry. The card is printed on thick matt laminated card, so even if you wanted to throw it away, the silky smooth finish finds you wanting to hang on to it. Quality is something you can feel with your finger tips. If you’re cards feel crap, guess what your business feels like to prospectus clients?

Don’t just take our word for it either, have a quick search on google for “Brady Dyer Business Cards” and see how many design websites have listed his cards!

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