Brady Dyer Photography Car Vinyl Design

September 12, 2013

Brady Dyer Photography, one of Wellington’s leading photographers, wanted to spruce up his new company car with signage that screamed “I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER”, just as his camera business cards have done.

The rear of the car would get seen the most, so that’s where we focused our attention first. We got fellow photographer Duncan Rourke to take a photo of Brady in his studio. Here’s a photo of a photographer, taking a photo of a photographer, taking a photo of a photographer. Photoception much?

From there we designed the rear of the car to be a massive photo of Brady, taking a photo of the following car. There’s no denying what Brady does for a job while you’re following him.

We then turned our design over to the team at The Sign Foundry, a new signage company in Petone, who worked their magic. They opted for a fancy reflective vinyl for the logo itself,  similar stuff used on an ambulance, so when light hits this at night it shines like magic! On the sides of the car, they chucked Brady Dyer’s logo, phone number and website address.