Hope Bros

Visit Project

September 12, 2012

Hope Bros is a popular nightclub and bar in Wellington. The establishment recently changed ownership, and one of the first things on their agenda was getting a respectable website in place. After having a page that looked like it was designed in Microsoft Paint by a 10-year old for the last few years, it was always going to be an easy task to make something better.

We’ve built their website using a content management system, that allows Hope Bros to update all the content, include photo gallery and menu pages. Once we have built a website, we provide tutorial videos showing our clients exactly how they use the content management system, which is stored as a video once they login so that they can refer to it at any stage.

This gives the client control to make changes when they want, and means no on-going costs having to pay us to make changes for them.

We were fortunate to have Brady Dyer take some great photos of the venue, which were heavily integrated into the website.