How small businesses can respond to COVID-19 in Level-3 lockdown

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Under Level-3 of the New Zealand COVID-19, businesses that aren’t essential can now start up again – but with a range of restrictions. Level-3 isn’t business as usual. For the latest on what is required at Level-3 please visit the official NZ COVID-19 Website.

One of the main requirements is that businesses must operate in a contactless way. This means receiving orders online and either delivery and/or click & collect.

We have been building websites for small business for over 15 years and can respond with urgency to get your business online asap. The reality is, that online ordering will become a new way of life for a number of people, as this is forced upon us. Failure to adapt now will mean for months to come out of the lockdown, customers behaviour would have fundamentally changed. They will have new loyalties and new ways of ordering products.

The good news though is we are here to help. From helping build your Facebook page, or launching a basic website or a platform to sell online – we can do it all.

We are a Shopify Partner, which means we can get your online store up and running very quickly.

We are also in the fortunate position to be affiliated with Brady Dyer Photography, which means you can ship your products to us and we can get these photographed in the studio.

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On April 21, 2020

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