Ssangyong TVC Viral Marketing

July 12, 2013

Wellington photographer Brady Dyer recently was commissioned to take some behind-the-scenes photos and marketing stills for SsangYong New Zealands new TV Commercial.

After we learnt that the TV advert was taking a stab at clichés car adverts, we drummed up an idea for a marvelous viral marketing campaign that saw the TV’s commercial release being viewed thousands of times in the first 24 hours.

A series of stills taken by Brady show the star of the show, the Rexton W, storming through a decent sized puddle, saturating a fake TV crew with water. We put the photos together in a series which explained what happened, with no editing or photoshopping, and even captures the pyrotechnics going off in the lights.

The photo was then posted on Brady’s facebook page which was quickly shared, viewed, and commented on. There was over 12,000 people who clicked on the image and viewed it, and63.75% of those people shared it on their wall for their friends to view too! Brady’s total friends of fans is 987,034 so you can imagine how many people viewed the photo in the end!

A number of people in the film and photography industry shared the photo around, includingMedia College. Have a read of their write up on the whole thing.

Anyway here’s the photo, with the commercial itself following. Note the photo above this post was taken inside the car itself on a following run.