Starting for the first time

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You’ve made the first step by looking for help in the right place. Good help is hard to come by these days, so we’ve put together this little guide that should aid you down the unfamiliar path of increasing your web presence.

Domain Names (i.e.

A domain name is like a phone number. It’s your identity on the internet. It’s how people find you, share you, and contact you. Domain names shouldn’t be any longer than 20 characters, should be easy to remember and should stay away form using anything other than or .com. Your website will be reached by going to your domain name, but also your email addresses will be

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Web Hosting

Once you have your domain name sorted, you need to point your viewers to your website. This is a web host. It is a fancy super computer, locked in an ultra secure location that has all the files for your website stored on it. When people enter your domain name, they will be reading the files from us, the web host. There isn’t much to know about web hosting, as we take care of all the technical stuff for us, but if you do want to know more then click here to find out about our cheap web hosting.

Web Design

Web Design is in effect, putting the pen to paper. It is the drawing, the planning, the coding to make your website individual and unique. We can work within your design scope if you already have existing logos and colour schemes. Or if you’re just starting, you might need us to design you a new logo and branding guidelines before we even start building the website. Whether you’re after a one-page website with the basics on your business, or after a 1,000 page shopping website – we can do it all!

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Social Media

So, you’ve got a website designed. We’ve got the web hosting and domain names doing their thing. But how are your customers going to find your website? How are new customers going to find out about your awesome product or service. This is where social media, and marketing techniques come in to play. There are no black & white rules on how to engage your customers, but we can discuss the best process to take to ensure that you’re in the public eye. There’s not much point in developing an expensive website to sell to new customers, if they’re not finding out about you.

Here is a list of the basics that we will go over with you:

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter account
  • Listing on Google Maps
  • Regular newsletters of specials & news
  • Smart signatures in your outgoing emails
  • Photos. Customers love looking at photos, whether it’s your new shop being built, or a behind the scenes look at how your great product gets built.

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On July 25, 2011
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