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What happens to domains once someone decides they no longer want them? They go back into the ‘pool’ for people to purchase.

Seems simple? Not quite…

There is a small period of time when the domain is due to expire, till it goes back in the pool, when web agencies bid against each other to pick them up.

We browse through the list daily for our existing customers (and new customers too), always on the lookout for some great buys!

Today we secured VHStoDVD.co.nz for our client Duplico Media who specialist in converting VHS to DVD.

We’ve also recently secured JETT.co.nz for Jetts Gym (www.jetts.co.nz) and typo.co.nz for the retail store Typo (who have .com.au but have just expanded to New Zealand).

So, if you know a domain is due to expire soon, get in touch, there is a good chance we can snap it up for you before someone else does because we’re the bomb-diggity.

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On December 8, 2011

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