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Facebook Timeline was launched in New Zealand last night, with the rest of the world due to get it over the coming days.

So what is the big deal? What is Facebook Timeline?

Facebook Timeline presents a way to digitally document your entire life, from birth to present, via wall posts, photos, announcements and events. Consider it a neatly organized social scrapbook with a visually pleasing interface.


Things to do with your new timeline

So you’ve got the new timeline, but not sure what to do with it all?

Set a cover image

The biggest visual change to Facebook is the new cover image, shown at the top of profile pages (and hopefully soon, fan pages too).

The covers dimensions are 850px X 315px – which is a lot of screen real estate to fill. It can be anything you wish, such as a photo of you that you’d usually have on a profile photo. Some creative folk have taken it a bit further and here’s a couple of designs that will impress.

The new timeline menu bar

The other thing you’ll notice is you now have a new timeline menu bar which floats at the top of your screen. You can use it to add new events to your life. It also includes a quick menu to flick back to any point in your life. Go back and have a look when you were born? Or when you first got facebook?

Work & Education

Events in your life are separated into categories. The first is ‘work and education’ in which you can add any study or jobs you have gotten over the years. If you already had this filled out from the old facebook profile, it will carry over.

As well as work & education, there are ‘family & relationships’, ‘home & living’, ‘health & wellness’, and ‘travel & experiences’. Each menu item has a range of options for timeline events to add.

Any events you manually add will become ‘featured’ on your timeline. What this does is spans across two-columns on the new layout. Because you’ve taken the time to add it yourself, Facebook figures it’s important to you. You can set any automatic updates as featured by clicking the little star.


Well there you go, a few points on ways to fill your timeline, some help on what this timeline business is all about.

Consider this an early Xmas gift from the team at Web Boutique.


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On December 8, 2011

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