Professional website for $1/day

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We love a deal more than the next guy. So when we launched our $1/day website deal we knew we were on to something good!

For the price of a coffee each week you will get:

  • Professional one page website
  • Domain name of your choice ( or .com)
  • Email account @your-new-domain.
  • Free transfer of any existing domains you may already own
  • Weekly statistic reports showing you how many visit
  • Flexible payment options – pay it daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Want to see some we’ve already done?

Christensen Services

Awesome Builders

Hunter Construction

Boat Minders NZ

RIGHT! Where do I sign up?

Easy Peazy – Give us all the details about your business, and our team of highly trained monkeys will whip together something brilliant for you.

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On January 24, 2012

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