Apple’s New iOS 6 due for release on September 19th!

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So you’ve seen the release of the new iPhone 5. Needless to say we all thought they were going to drop the numbering system as per the latest iPad, which they haven’t.

Do admire Apple’s ambition to always have something up their sleeves that the months of rumours didn’t account for.

If you’re not upgrading to the new iPhone 5, when can you get your hands on the new iOS 6 for your current iPhone 4/S. September 19th is when you’ll have to wait.

If it’s anything like previous releases, New Zealand will be ahead of the pack being at the start of the world, timezone-wise. Just like previous years however, Vodafone NZ will probably be behind the pack with the release of the new iPhone 5. We will see!

Who’s going to get their hands on one?

My plans almost up for renewal so I’ll be there grabbing one when they’re released. I’m a sucker for everything Apple!

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On September 12, 2012

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