New Zealand Web Hosting vs USA Web Hosting

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Why should you buy New Zealand web hosting?

It’s a good question. There is quite a difference in price between hosting your website offshore, so why should you host it locally?

Better Search Engine Rankings

It’s no surprise that Google looks at where your web site is hosted by using IP geolocating by looking at the IP address of your server. If Google knows your website is hosted in New Zealand it will rank you higher in Google New Zealand search results. The small difference in price makes a huge difference to your ranking, and subsequently the amount of traffic to your website.

It’s faster

While speeds are increasing in New Zealand, there is still not a ultra fast connection to America. This means you can experience much slower speeds accessing hosting from an American web host. If your files are hosted locally, they can get to your web site users much quicker.

You’re supporting a New Zealand business

If you’re looking for web hosting, chances are you’re a small business starting out. Just like we would rather use your business to help support a fellow kiwi business, you should do the same.

It’s not that much cheaper

The difference in price is usually only a couple of dollars. For all the reasons above, we strongly suggest you use a New Zealand web host – and we know just the place to start. Check out our web hosting details now.

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On December 6, 2012

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