Say Goodbye to the Free Google Apps

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Well it was always on the cards. 12 months ago Google changed their sign up page for Google Apps which made it a lot hard to sign up for the free version.

Today they announced that new customers will no longer be able to sign up for that version anymore.

For those that don’t know, Google Apps provides a suite of tools for businesses, mainly being Gmail – a  web based email client.

This is bad news for our new customers, as we’ve previously used Google Apps as it’s a solid platform for email delivery.

From today onwards you will only be able to sign up to Google Apps for business which is $5/month or $50/year per user. This might seem like a bit when you’re comparing it to free. But when you compare that to hosting your own email server, it works out a lot cheaper!

Users will enjoy 25GB inbox, 99.9% up time, unlimited users, plus a wrath of other tools.

Google has released this awesome animated webpage to show you just how much it costs for you, and what’s included.

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On December 8, 2012

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