Pay-per-minute cafe: Everything’s free but your time.

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A new breed of cafes has started, with their first London-based one just opening. Ziferblat, which means “clock face” in Russian & German, already has a number of cafes in Russia where the concept is catching on.

Clocks at ZiferblatWhen you arrive you are given a clock when you ‘clock-in’, You’re then charged 3p (about NZD $0.05) a minute to be there. The catch? Everything is free! There are snacks, drinks, coffee machines even a piano to have a jam on. Once you’re done with your “coffice” experience (the term coined from buying a coffee and then using a cafe as your office for the next two hours), you clock out and pay your fee, £1.80/hour.

I personally quite like the idea, I’ve always felt a bit guilty about having a coffice experience. At least this way you don’t feel bad for being there, and it might even make you work a bit more productive with the clicking of a clock next to you as you type away.

What do you think of this concept cafe idea? Would you go?

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On January 9, 2014

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